Saturday, August 25, 2012


Well, what do you know? This blog received an award from Amanda. This, in itself, is awesome. There is just one problem...

It is a pink award. :-o I'm not sure how well it will fit in with the general scheme of blue and knightliness.

Oh well, here goes.

Hmmm.... Surprisingly it isn't the pink that is the problem. It is the white around the pink. Hang on a second while I mess around in paint....

Wow, that took a lot longer than I thought it would, and involved such mysterious things as "prt sc", color grab, and paintbrush shapes. Thank you for waiting. I think you will agree that the result is much better than it was before.

Anywho! The way this works is that the Liebster Award (Liebster is german for one who liebs, I think. Maybe someone who liebs good thoughts in your heads?) is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It has to be given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers, which makes things simple for me, since all the bloggers I most enjoy have less than 200 followers. If you get tagged (which I have, see above) you have to post 11 (or 7) random things about yourself, answer the 11 (or 7) questions asked by the person who tagged you and tag 11 (or 7) bloggers that you like and come up with 11 (or 7) questions for them to answer.

Since the post that tagged me went with seven, (and because it will save me 45.45% of the brain power, I may need it later) I will also go with seven. And as Amanda points out, it is a sacred number.

So first, 7 bloggers I like to read.

1) Learning Late in Life
2) Food Pantry Feasts
3) The Social Continuum
4) Danny B
5) Marianna
6) Charming Disarray
7) Arnobius of Sicca

Seven random things about me:

1) I like Owl City.
2) I am listening to T. S. Eliot reading his "Four Quartets."
3) I grow a great beard. I inherited my beard from my Dad, who grows the most awesome beard. Ever. Alas, America requires that I shave. It is indispensable to the performance of my job, apparently, to have a smooth shaven face.
4) Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by swords.
5) I have about 800 books in my room.
6) I am not really a fan of cake. It's the texture, really. The lighter and airier it is, the less I like it. I prefer sweets with a chewy or gooey texture. Brownies, cookies, etc. I also like pies. However, I very much enjoy carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting, especially if they are frozen. Creme de Menthe cake is another exception. My point really is that desert should be bitable.
7) I cannot stand Hemmingway.

Seven Questions to answer:

1. What is your favorite book in the Bible and why?
 Hmmm... That depends on what stage in my life you ask the question. For a bit it was the Gospels. For a long time it was Song of Songs and Ephesians (I was going through JPII's TOB pretty heavily). I have a strong affinity for John's Gospel, and his epistles. Hmmm... on thinking about it, I would have to say I don't have a favorite book of the Bible. As near as I can figure, it is probably because I don't really think of the Bible in terms of individual books. I think of it all as one integrated whole. It's rather like asking what my favorite chapter in Lord of the Rings is.
I suppose I would have to go with the Song of Songs. Even without the rest of the Bible I would still love that poem.

2. If you found a random turtle in your garage, what would you do with it? [Please note that turtle soup is not an acceptable answer.] Well, there is always fried turtle meat. Or roasted. Turtle isn't too bad eating. Once upon a time I was eating turtles and snakes and any other living thing I could find, because I was hungry. But if I was in my garage I probably wouldn't be too hungry, or at least would be able to find some food that would be easier to prepare than turtle. So I would probably take a couple of pictures and put the turtle out in the nearest pond. I wouldn't keep it. Turtles tend to carry salmonella.

3. What is one thing you want to achieve in the next 3 years?

Get out of the army, find some way to continue my medical education, and work in anti-human trafficking work. (Sorry, I lost count.)

4. What is your favorite color, and what does that color say about you?

Green. Green says, "Well, there is no accounting for tastes. Ryan isn't too bad, but not really my type. And he is always hanging out with all the other earth tones."

5. If you had to switch careers tomorrow and could go into any field you wanted, what would you do?
That is easy. I would be a writing warrior doctor until I was old, and then I would be a teacher until I died. (What's that you say? That isn't an actual career? Whyever not? Nonsense. You didn't say it had to be a real career. I'll make it a real career.)
6. If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive [excluding Jesus], who would it be?

7. If you had to leave your current country for the rest of your life, where would you move?
I liked Thailand a lot. The people are friendly, the food is delicious and cheap, and the weather is always sunny, except during the monsoons. Of course the culture has its issues, but what culture doesn't? But in reality I would live anywhere and be perfectly happy. It isn't where I live that matters, but who I live with. If my family wasn't exiled with me, that would be a bummer.

And now, seven questions. If you were tagged, then you must answer the following:

1) Do we, in fact, need more cowbell?

2) To be or not to be?

3) If you had the time, what would you learn?

4) What does your blog mean to you?

5) What is the first thing you are going to do when you get to heaven?

6) If you had a super power, what would it be?

7) How many roads must a man walk down?

I hope you enjoy these questions. Have a nice day, Y'all.


  1. Fabulous. Just fabulous. Also, I'm pretty sure that you could make the award grayscale which would go much better with your color scheme! I thought about that after I posted the blog, you were the only guy I awarded the award to!

    I'm glad you weren't around when I found my turtle friend...perhaps I should have excluded all options of eating the turtle!

    I like that you made up your career, you'll be the best in your field!

    Lewis rocks my socks off.

    Thanks for playing along =)

  2. I like the blurp about earth tones, personally. I'm a big advocate for mud which goes well with green grass. Just sayin'. That made my day.

  3. "Lieb" is love in German. Such as "Ich liebe dich" - "I love you".


  4. Hey Knight,
    Congrats on your award, lol. If you are interested in the medical field, I suggest that you follow these blogs (some blogs are from RN,doctors and science:,,,,,,,
    Good luck on your adventures

  5. The wait for the proper color was def worth it...

    You bring up a good point about cake... and I didn't know anyone else had discovered the glory of frozen carrot cake. (I, for one, discovered it quite by accident)

    Also, can others crash your C.S. Lewis party? I promise I wouldn't say anything (much), but I would dearly love to listen in on such a conversation. :D

    Okay, I'm posting mine soon. Fun. :) Thanks for tagging me!