Monday, November 12, 2012

Busy Post

I have today off, but I also have a ton of stuff to catch up with so I thought I would share some links and say have a good day and leave it at that:

 My latest post is up at Ignitum Today. I wrote it last week based on the Gospel from last monday. It is a two part blog, so the sequel will be up tomorrow.

My cousins Abby and Catherine have put up another issue of Dignitas Magazine. If you are a Catholic woman, or you happen to know and love Catholic women, or you are not Catholic, but are a woman who likes fall fashion, decorating and thinking about stuff like bioethics and American culture, or a man who knows a woman who likes those things, I reccomend you check these ladies out. In a good way. Not in the other way.

If, like me, you enjoy epic puns and are half-convinced that feminism, like racism, is mostly kept alive by the people who spend all their time arguing against it, then this blog should be just the thing to make you smile on a rainy monday.

And with that I bid you all adieu. God Bless.

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