Friday, December 21, 2012


I offered you your life in full, unmixed.
I poured it out in torrents across your sheltering
Umbrella. And you hid beneath your overhung
Prophylactic, plastic, umbrella. With fears pulled up high,
Snugly around your chin, and your comfort zone
Pulled low around your ears. Blessings all around
Fell and splashed in puddles on the ground.
Even there, frustrated, for you have grown
Old and enamored of galoshes. Demurely you try
To trudge through puddles of unseen, unsung
Inconvenient grace with never a splash. Sweltering,
Overhot inside the coat of broken things that you have fixed.

Silly child!


  1. Sometimes we are so busy staying safe/comfortable that we are truely 'silly.' A wonderful reminder, as we approach Christmas, to be open to God's immense gift of grace! Thank you for your inspiring poetry, are you writing a book by any chance/a compilation of your poems? I cannot write poetry, but I enjoy reading (and collecting a set of my favourites) and find that, like music, good poems speak volumns.
    God bless,

    P.S. Have a blessed fourth Sunday of Advent, and may you and your family have a very happy and blessed Christmas.
    Let us all rejoice in the Lord. For our Saviour is born into the world; today true peace has come down on us from heaven. (Midnight Mass) God has gifted us with Him who is Light and Truth, with Him who is Goodness and Beauty, with Him who is the Living Life. God has gifted us with Jesus Christ! (Fr. Raymond) As you receive God's immense gift this Christmas may you and your family be filled with His love, peace, and joy.

    1. I have thought from time to time of putting all my poems into one volume and printing them, but to be honest there is not much market for poetry these days. And of the market that there is, mine is not much in style. I write it solely for personal enjoyment, and share it here for the one or two people who like it. I am glad you like it. Thank you for the Christmas wishes. I hope your Christmas was very merry and that your New Year is full of unexpected blessings. Remember to leave your umbrella at home once in a while. :-)

    2. I will remember that, maybe I will forget my gloshes as well:). Though not literally right now... my feet would freeze in the deep snow:). Thank you for your Christmas/New Years wishes as well, it has been a blessed Christmas season for my family. I hope that you also have a wonderful and blessed New Year.
      God bless,