Monday, August 12, 2013

I Will Lift Up My Eyes

I sing the God of all things green and good,
Great and grand and gorgeous, things of wood
Of living things grown close in brotherhood

Of strength and beauty, of oil, wine and food.

I sing the God of stern and solid stone
Severe, austere and snow-capped, standing alone
 Amid their lesser fellows. Of beam and bone
Of earth on which green living things have grown.

I sing the God of reading, writing; the reign
Of rhythm, rhyme, and rectitude; the wax and wane
Of times and seasons; of wisdom slowly gained
In solitude, in book, in pipe, in rain.

I sing the God of doe and deer, of dove
Direct, diverse, diffuse, below and above
And in, around and through, like hand in glove,
In sunsets, stars and blazing sun in grove
In city, in time alone, in still and move
And in all things, 
                        I sing
                                 The God of Love!

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