Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Of Mules and Men

Astride a bold black gelding,
The aged cowboy with the belly lapping over his belt,
(Eloquently speaking the joys of pulled pork
Hot bacon,
Cold beer)
Looked over and said, 

"Them two is the walkin'est mules I ever seen.
Walkin'est damn mules.
This one time 'bout fifteen years back
'Bout five in the mornin' I jumped on Ol' Edgar's back
An' we was still walkin' 
Six o' clock the next mornin'. 
He ain't had no quit in him.

"An' Big Arlo!
He done packed damn near six-hunnert pounds
Up 'n down
All them hills
All day.

"Yessir, them mules just want a job,
And a decent livin'
Place to live
An' a good meal at the end o' the day.
Mules is the Amur'can-est animals there is."

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