Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Pics

I felt like taking a break from my post series on man-woman interraction (it was getting a bit heavy) and instead share some pics from last weekend.

Usually it takes me most of the weekend to catch up on all the things I have left undone over the week. Working my schedule doesn't leave a lot of time for grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, college, or blogging. These end up being weekend things.

This leaves me in the odd position of being nearly as busy on my Saturdays as I am every other day of the week. But last Sunday I managed to have everything accomplished that I needed to have accomplished, so I took a drive out to Sunnyside Beach.

I have seen Sunnyside sunny before. It is rare but it does happen.

Clearly the trash can is just too far away from the bench. Getting the trash from the bench to the can is definitely above and beyond the call of duty and the strength of mere mortals.

I like driftwood.

There is something awesome about gray days, when the wind comes whipping in off the sound, and no one wants to be out because it's raining. You have the whole place to yourself and you can just walk along the shore and listen to the waves.

It rains off and on all year in western Washington. Apart from the two or three months in the summer, the rest of the year is just one long punctuated shower. It can get dreary, but I don't mind it so much as long as I go out in it once in a while.

I love these poplars, so huge and majestic. They just stand so straight, like they are proud to be there.

I like trees in general. The older and bigger they are, the more I like them.

Perfect place for a pipe and a good book.

A pipe brings words to the lips of the wise, and shuts up the mouth of the fool. You'll notice I'm not talking.

Listen to the rain rain rain come down down down.

The trains go by pretty regularly. It's like they're on a schedule or something.

I love fog as well. And twilight (the time of day, not the book/movie). Foggy twilights have a special beauty all their own.

That ferry... Hmmmm... I might need to check that out some time. See where that goes.
Life is beautiful. Rainy days are beautiful. God is good. Sometimes it's important to remember things like that.


  1. Looks like a good book you were reading ;-)

    1. Yeah, I had read it before, but it was recently reccomended by someone very special to me, so I re-read it.