Thursday, October 18, 2012

It finally came!

Two posts in one day? Crazy, I know, but I am geeking out right now! A Package awaited me on my doorstep this evening after work.

BWAAAAAA!!!!!! Mere cardboard cannot contain me!

There is too much awesomeness in this package for styrofoam! It cannot be contained!


I am big! (This should be read with a Russian accent.)

I had been expecting this for some time, a 58kg Kettlebell (127.6 lbs.) It is used so there are two large dents on the top of one side. It is not actually a solid block of iron. It is a cast iron shell around a ball of lead and you can feel the lead core shift slightly when you move it.

Even though I had just come from the gym, I had to try it out!

You must intimidate Kettlebell before you swing it. Kettlebell must know who is boss! (Again, if you don't read that with a Russian accent you are doing it wrong.)

Comrade, drive with hips, and then let kettlebell float rest of way. Do not raise with shoulders.

Solid posture, straight arms, my shoulders might be pulled a little too far forward.

If my face looks like I am in pain, it's only because I am. This was my first ever attempt at cleaning the 58kg KB. Could have been worse, but the press or jerk is a long way off.
It tried to get a video, but I didn't set up the camera right so it only showed me from about the shoulders down. I'll get a video this weekend probably.

Well, that's me geeking out. We now return to your regular programing.


  1. My heart goes out to the delivery man! I think that Pavel should have brought that one personally.

  2. Layn's comment on seeing this post, "Big ball Dude!"