Monday, February 18, 2013

Lent 2013, I

This lent I am extremely busy. So instead of continuing to blog as I usually try to do I plan on sharing a series of 30 short reflections that I wrote for my private use during lent last year. As you read them, try to remember that I am not certain of anything that I write in this group of posts. It is all just me thinking out loud.

Lent is a time for penance. Most Catholics I know would think so. I certainly think so. But this lent I am trying to go a little deeper and look into the reason for penance. What is its purpose? What good does voluntary suffering do for us or anyone else? I know that it is not a way of saying that all the things we fast from are bad things. I would go so far as to say you can't fast from something bad, since you shouldn't be doing it in the first place. I don't go around consuming arsenic on a regular basis, but no one would say I am fasting from it. I am simply existing in natural relationship to it. It is not meant for consumption, I am not consuming it. Nature is preserved. But what about pizza? Pizza is meant to be consumed. If I consume it, I am in harmony with nature. If I see a pizza and don't eat any of it, though? Isn't that a violation of nature? This is an interesting line of reasoning. I think I'll follow it further in following posts, and see where it goes.


  1. I appreciate your 'thinking out loud', and I am looking forward to reading your following posts. That is an interesting line of reasoning, and I am sure that you will answer your questions in the following posts. I would just like to comment that although consuming pizza is in accordance with our nature... it is not necessary/essential to our nature. So, if it is not necessary, "not" eating it would not be a violation of nature. A violation would be more like... um... not eating at all. It is necessary for us to eat to live, therefore not eating would be a violation of our nature. I am not sure if that is the best analogy, but the most obvious one right now. I am, as I said, sure that you will cover these points in your following posts.
    Have a blessed Lent!

    God bless,