Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lent 2013, II

II. Is fasting contrary to nature? We do not call abstinence from drinking poison “fasting” because it is not the least bit unnatural. We call abstinence from food “fasting” because it is not natural. But is it contra (against) natural? Since fasting is enjoined by the Church it has to be a good. If it is good it cannot be contrary to nature; unless, that is, there is something wrong with our nature. If that were the case, then directly going against our nature might be not unnatural, but supremely natural. Just like bending a board cannot possibly straighten it… unless it was already warped in the first place. Then bending it back the other way, and holding it that way for a little while (let’s say, 40 days?) might well correct its crookedness. It might bring it back to the straight and true.

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