Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Good Life

Sit for a bit and rest between sets and I
Will share with you what you already hear
In the creaking, cracking, groaning of my knees
At full flexion, the bottom of the squat or swing
Of the ugly metal ball. With every rep they sigh
And cry
The price
Of life, lived to the full. Loud and clear
Like hawkers in the flea markets, peddling their fleas
My swings sell the idea of strength, but sing
Also of the cost, in the creaking that you hear
So clear.
I fear
I am mere mortal. I feel the changing breeze
In my hips and knees and ankles, at twenty-seven.
If even this life I cannot stand to fill;
And spend my life like water, how much harder still
The greater life poured out on me in Heaven.

I buy this fleeting strength with future pain,
But gain
A strength that will not wane.
I will not hide my capital in the earth,
But burn it out for every bit I am worth
And hope to see it returned to me again
A hundred fold, shaken, tamped full measure
Running over with resurrected treasure. 

The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive! Alleluia!

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  1. Sounds like Chesterton: Manalive! :)