Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Busy Mystic

I turn away with an ineffable sense of loss,
From the overwhelming presence of the thunderous Dove
To the silence of Monday morning push and shove.
But then amid the rush and rumble and toss,
In traffic, the grocery line, or while arguing with my boss
I pause and looking up I see above
My heart the pierc├ęd Corpus, dripping Love.
I have never been elsewhere but at the foot of the Cross.
Here I stand, not by my will, but bidden
By numbered bones, flayed back and riven side;
Invited, asked for, called at His behest.
In silence, in safety, from the shallower “me” well hidden
“Thou” workest, transforming my “I” from deep inside
The camouflage of business.
                                                             Ite! Missa Est.

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