Sunday, January 1, 2012

Death Threat

This isn’t meant to be a personal thing,
In fact it couldn’t be; I barely know
Your name, or face, or home or how you go
From home to work, and back, or what you sing
In the car on your commute. This shouldn’t sting
On any emotional level. I am not your foe
Just a professional, with bills to pay; although
In retrospect, it might be nice just once
To know the man behind the face behind
The crosshair reticle. It hasn’t happened yet.
But then I have to ask what kind of dunce
Would take the shot without first going blind?
Regardless, you’ve been warned. Do not forget.

Reading BadCatholic's blog the other day I noticed that his contact info said "All death threats will be disregarded unless written in iambic pentameter." So I wrote this. Took me about fifteen minutes because it was so much fun.

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