Saturday, June 2, 2012

Like the Dewfall

O God, our God of wind and storm and rain,

King of all the force of nature’s might

Lord of hurricane and burning sun

Of all our earthly sea and sky and land,

Who sends as herald quake and blazing fire,

Yet comes at last in a whispering breath of air.

Sometimes, O God, our hearts cannot abide

The fury of your love in all its force

The fierceness of your love with all its fire.

You pour out grace upon us like the rain

Pelting down upon our cowering heads,

Tender, backwards hearts afraid of drops

Of too much life.

                                Life we need, but Lord

Our leaves are still so young, so pale, so soft

And worms and slugs have been gnawing at our roots.

The earth itself, it seems, would wash away

In the shower of your Love, O mighty God.

Life we need, but Life we cannot bear,

It is far too strong for us. Have Mercy, Lord!

The rain ceases.

                              The sun sets.

                                                         Night falls.

The air grows chill, and still, and dark, with sounds

Of scurrying things in shadows on each side.

We cower in the black of ignorance;

This merciful dilution of the light

Seems worse, far worse, than the blazing light of sun.

Here in the dark we choke and wilt and droop

As hours tick by without a hint of life

O God, my God, where are you in this night?

The cold air chills through every pore and cell

Numbing me with no apparent gain

While unbeknownst to me the very air

Grows damp and soft, pregnant with His grace

And drops of moisture form upon my skin.

With infinite tenderness each one is formed

Coalesced from the imperceptible grace

That fills the night with God’s own glorious life,

And gently emplaced by the Holy Spirit’s hand.

The coolness sooths and heals my battered flesh,

And soaks unhurried into my thirsty cells.

Then as the sun returns I stand bedecked

In prophetic jewels of bright, thrice borrowed light,

A gift from Him, my King, my Father, My God.

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  1. What a gorgeous poem! Love the pictures, too!