Wednesday, February 4, 2015

True Blue

I sometimes wonder, do human beings really,
Really want to be made happy? Really?
We say we do, we get all touchy feely
Fluffy-pinky, winking and laughing hollow
Laughter after drinks and intercourse.
Of course we do!
     (But really?)
  I don’t mean wanting
The way a man wants ice cream after dinner.
But more like hot red beef wants salt, like fire
Wants wood, like heart wants pulsing blood, like blood
Wants fire and burns for battle, broil and brawl.
Like home wants ruddy ember glow, like farm
Wants wet warm springing days of living green,
Like crops want rain, and farmer crops, and drops
Of dew coalesce on thirsty emerald leaves
For love.
                Gloomy blue gray days of moping
Hopeless funk, portend our self-important
Snobbish refusal of color.
                                             Until one day,
A rescuer! Flashing fierce St. Elmo’s fire, singing
Metallic odes on jaw wire; lightning shooting
Neon pain, a feast of feeling, knocks me
Reeling, electric blue bright sparks impart
The truth of Blue.
       A toothache is,
          at least,

1 comment:

  1. Yes, they want to be made happy, but they are not really serious about doing their part. They want someone else to do the boring, the hard, the basic work and then give to them that which they were not willing to honestly strive for. Knowing this, in what ways is it still also a self-portrait?

    The "funny" part is, God is going to give us what we do not deserve. God is in Christ reconciling all things and God can not be thwarted (CCC 275), in the end, God will be all in all, everything to everyone (1 Cor. 15:28, CCC 130) and therefore God will be all in all with even those who are for ever and ever and hell. Such must be the unfathomable plan of God. Truly beyond the thinking of man that God will give those people who say "I want to be happy, but I am too lazy to really, honestly work for that end. I just want someone to give it to me, in spite of my laziness", God will give them the peace, love, joy, and thankfulness (for God's mercy and Goodness), and sorrow for sin, that He will give to all in His infinite Kingdom. The bummer is that they will suffer in hell with the peace of Christ on the cross, and be thankful for God's gift of infinite suffering, they will be happy that their suffering gives glory to God, to His Name, "JESUS".